5 Ways to Save While Shopping in this Christmas


Once again Christmas festivity is approaching fast. People are waiting for the fun and frolic. The air is brimming with joy and sense of expectation. The spirits are high and ready for the magical moment. Christmas is all about enjoyment with friends, decorating the house, playing Santa Claus with children and offering them gifts, exchanging gifts with each other, planting a Christmas tree and last but not the least, feasting with cake, dessert and pudding. Many people plan their vacation during Christmas holidays between December 25th and the ensuing New Year day as the climate is more than willing to give a helping hand. One can notice on Christmas Eve, shops are decked up, crowds are milling and there is an atmosphere of pomp reining all around. People throng the shops in great numbers like bees humming around honey. Shops make great sales and mega profit as people will not pay heed to their regular habit of striking bargain since their sentiment is running high on how to please their best pal. So while people have lot of plans for shopping or planning a trip or gifting to friends, family members and children, all they need to do is plan judiciously on their expenditure.

Let us discuss some of the ways how to keep a vigil on your wallet. Let us see how we can make shopping an exhilarating experience without any financial stress.

1. Prepare a List :

Before stepping out for shopping, either in a shopping mall or e-tailing website make a plan, list them out and implement them steadfastly. Any action without planning will be ineffective or more expensive than required. This rule applies to Christmas Shopping also. As shops lure people with mind boggling gifts and articles, shopping without planning will land people in no man land with huge credit card bill dues.

2. Keep your KYC :

KYC is nothing but Know your (product) Cost. To find out correct price after various bargains and discounts is not a rocket science. It is easier done than said. All you have to do is to Google in the net and find out who offers the best price for the product you want to shop. Various news papers carry full page ads carrying the latest offers and discounts. Collect all the information and take a wise decision. Many people have the habit of using online shopping coupons such as gift coupons and other offer coupons.

3. Stay Ahead :

No one can miss the proverb that ‘early bird catches the worm’. Many people have the habit of postponing the shopping till the last moment and hurry up at eleventh hour to get from what is left over. This not only leaves a tinge of dissatisfaction for not getting the right product but also for not getting at right price. Sometimes coupon offers may expire and late comers will miss the opportunity to make use of Shopping Coupons Online. It is always best bet to be the front runner.

4. Say No to Shipping Charges :

People have to Google and find out from various e-shopping websites about the status of shipping charges. During the festive season, the shoppers due to intense competition offer free shipping during a specific time or for specific amount. People have to find out who gives the best offer and latch it on.

5. Debit Card is your Best Friend while Shopping :

Keep away from your credit cards while shopping unless you are strong on your will power. Your proper planning may go haywire if your credit cards are ruling you to the roost. To keep a check on expenditure, always use debit card for payments. It will keep your financial health in pink. This is also applicable to those making use of Online Shopping Coupons who make payment through credit cards.

While it is important to enjoy a merry Christmas, it is all the more important that the merriness last long. Otherwise EMI on the expenditure made for Christmas will knock at our door.


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