7 Important Tips to Save Money While Doing Online Shopping


Most of the people desirous of making a big saving while doing online shopping wonder whether their efforts would bear maximum fruit as they are not sure of which are the right ways to execute their plan. It is important to move in right direction step by step and hence one should be cautious and calculative while spending time on this mission. While we flip the morning news paper, we can never miss the eye catchy advertisements issued by coupon sites displaying online shopping coupon codes and e-commerce companies offering free discount coupons for online shopping. All these ads harp on offering bonanza of huge discount coupons for online shopping which are irresistible and we feel for a moment that our dreams have come true to possess the ones which we long desired. Let us now delve on how to make maximum gain through online discount coupons and other online shopping promo coupons.

1. Make hey while sun shines : Choosing the right day is the smart way to save money. For example online fight tickets are cheaper if we plan to travel on weekends and holidays than on busy working days. Similarly we can choose shopping on the eve of festivals when huge online discount coupons are offered by almost all online shopping companies.

2. Use the multiple coupon codes smartly : Using the online shopping promo codes and discount coupons for online shopping in the right order will yield greater price discounts. For example if we get both promo coupon codes for 25% and discount coupons for Rs200, it will be wiser if we use promo coupon code for 25% first and from the residual value we should go for discount coupon for Rs.200/-

3. Sponsorship of New Member’s : Many coupon websites offer various schemes of sponsorships to the members by which any one recommending new members will be given extra rewards and bonuses. It is a good idea to become members by signing up and then carry on with introducing new members to get eligible for various beneficial and promotional offers. Sometimes some of the coupon websites offer incentives for those who sign up newsletters. So in these ways e-shoppers can avail various benefits and smart rewards proposed by coupon companies.

4. Connect to Customer Service : When attractive free discount coupons for online shopping has just got expired which we missed to make use of, we can contact the Customer service to make a request for extending it to us. In most of the cases customer service personnel would permit us as they would be in tremendous pressure to meet their target.

5. Price comparison to pick the best : We can do price comparison of the products among the various coupon websites for online discount coupons that provide the lowest offer. To do it manually will be a difficult proposition and hence we can use apps like price blink and price grabber (browser add-on available for Chrome, Mozilla, Safari) will be of great companion.

6. Buy on second thoughts : Many times we buy on impulsive mood and wonder later why we did so. So we can leave the products we bought for a day or two in the shopping cart and conclude the deal only after coolly thinking over our action.

7. More benefits through multiple email logins : Many coupon sites provide discount coupons for online shopping to those who signup newsletters and other similar activities. We can use multiple login ids to sign up to accumulate benefits by multiple times.