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An aspiring gamer, for instance, will never complete his purchase without using a coupon for Flipkart computer accessories ! Even more so, when you can get up to 75% on your lappy’s accessories through these exciting deals.

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So, what types of discounts are exactly available?

Well, if 20th September was your chosen day, then home accessories must have been your hot cake of the day. However, if your fingers are resting on your smartphone’s screen since 21st midnight, then a coupons code for Flipkart computer accessories will be your core interest right now !

Speaking of some discounts consider the Samsung Galaxy S7. You can get this flagship device at just INR 26,990 with exchange which originally costs around INR 45,000. Or take up the iPhone SE which is currently available at INR 18,000.

Enticing? Sure it is! By the way how can you forget the iPhone 7? This flagship from Apple is getting a discount of INR 16,000 this season. Want to know more? Read on!

Let’s start with cameras, shall we?

Suppose, you have been eyeing the Nikon Prime 35 mm lens since a couple of months which sells close to 20k normally. Now imagine getting the same deal at half the price! Sounds tempting, then try the camera accessories Flipkart coupon Code from reliable sites.

All you need to do is visit Coupon Hai, search for your deal and activate it through a single click. Voila! The Nikon glass is yours.

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By the way, not just lenses, camera deals as a whole are also receiving handsome discounts this season. Let’s consider the Nikon D5300 in this context. If you avail the right cameras offers code for Flipkart, then be sure to secure a body, the 18-55 mm kit lens and the 70-300 telephoto lens at just INR 44,490 instead of its actual price tag of INR 55,950.


Coming back to the computer savvy group!

What are your plans this season? Getting a new graphics card to play GTS 5 or buying an Apple MacBook Air to celebrate your pay hike?

Whatever be the reason, with the proper promo code for Flipkart computer accessories, you get a chance to celebrate these pre-festive 5 days like never before.

Better be more specific! Ok…Ok…Here it goes!

If your mouse is lingering over the computer section, then be ready to receive close to 75% discounts on all computer accessories. This not only includes laptops or desktops but other computer accessories such as a Mouse, Keyboard, and Hard Disks and Laptop Bag packs as well.

A small note here!

Users of SBI debit and credit cards can avail an instant 10% discount on selected products as and where specified by Flipkart. The breakdown is as follows.

  • Day 1 allowed you a maximum discount of INR 1500 per card on a minimum purchase of INR 1500.
  • Day 2 allowed a max discount of INR 1,500; purchase a min of INR 4,999.
  • Day 3, 4 and 5 follow similar rules to Day 2.

Now, since computers came into the discussions, why leave out software? You are well aware that a healthy computer always requires original software. So, a software coupons code for Flipkart is inevitable if you are looking to buy some.

Getting a bit niche!

The Original Windows 10 64 bit sells in the market for about INR 15,000. Would you like the idea of grabbing it for INR 5,000? This is what you get by using software offers code for Flipkart.

Having said everything, it is better to hurry up now! The Big Billion Days are ending by the 24th of this month. So, be it a new gadget, household accessories, fashion or your child’s school dress, online discount coupons for Flipkart are the way to go this pre-festive season!

Stop thinking. Start buying!!